Follow These Easy Steps to Open SDB Files

Step 1: Double-Click the File

Before you try any other ways to open SDB files, start by double-clicking the file icon. The file should open automatically. If it doesn’t open, or you see an error message, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Choose the Right Program

There are many different programs you can use to open SDB files. If the file doesn’t open when you double-click it, you may not have one of these programs on your computer. Try installing the most common programs associated with SDB files, like Simply Accounting File, SmartQuest Survey Database Configuration, or yEncExpress Database. If none of these programs work, move to Step 3.

Step 3: Figure Out the File Type

The file type can give you a clue as to which programs can open your SDB file. Files with the SDB extension are usually 3D Image Files. If you’re not sure what the file type is, follow the steps below to find it:

Computer Woman
Using Windows:
  1. Right-click the file’s icon
  2. Click “Properties
  3. Find the file type listed under “Type of File
Using a Mac:
  1. Right-click the file’s icon
  2. Click “More Info
  3. Find the file type listed under “Kind

Once you know the file type, you can use this information do some searching for other possible programs that utilize file extension SDB or that open 3D Image Files. If this still doesn't help, move to Step 4.

Step 4: Check with the Software Developer

The most common programs associated with SDB files are all created by different software developers. These developers can help you if you’re having trouble opening your SDB file. Find your program in the left column of the table below and contact the developer listed in the right column.

Software Developer
Simply Accounting File PC Software Company
SmartQuest Survey Database Configuration TeleSage Inc.
yEncExpress Database TechSono Engineering Inc.
Single-step Motivational Software User Data Storage Self Evident Enterprises LLC.
ACT! Sales Data File Best Software CRM Division
Windows Security Database Microsoft Corporation
Group Mail Subscriber Plug-in File Microsoft Developer
SQLite Database SQLite Consortium
Windows Compatibility Solution Database Microsoft Corporation
SideKick 2 Database Microsoft Programmer
Windows2000 Security Configuration and Analysis Database Microsoft Corporation
Summer Camp Scheduler Database GPS
STRIP SDB Utility File Windows Programmer

Step 5: Download a Universal File Viewer

If you have completed Steps 1 through 4 and you still can’t open your SDB file, it’s time to try a universal file viewer like File Magic (Download). A universal file viewer is a program you can use to open hundreds of different types of files (depending on the format). Note: If your SDB file isn’t compatible with a universal file viewer, it will open in binary format.

Download Universal File Viewer (File Magic)