DRL Files: What It Is and How to Open It

If you've received DRL files and can't open them for some reason, and you want to know what it is and what to do about it, keep on reading!

DRL files are typically a type of binary file used by certain software, and many software packages can share a common file extension. In the case of files with an DRL extension, a popular software package such as DocObject Resource Locator can open it.


How to Open Your DRL File

The easiest way to open file extension DRL is to try downloading some of the most popular software that uses DRL extension. The most well-known program associated with DRL files is DocObject Resource Locator.

Computer Files

As you may already know, if you have DocObject Resource Locator, you can simply double-click on your DRL and it should open up. But what if your software does not open the file?

First, try right-clicking on the file and selecting "Open With..." and select DocObject Resource Locator from the dropdown list. If that didn't work, go into the file associations settings of Windows, and set DocObject Resource Locator to open DRL files by default.

Please note that DRL file extensions may not be limited to DocObject Resource Locator only. You could always do a Google search to find other software that uses DRL files and download that to try to open your file.

Still no luck? Get in touch with the developer of the software title to see if they can be of assistance. If your software does not have an identified developer in the chart below, a quick web search of the software title should give you some clues on who to contact.

Software Developer
DocObject Resource Locator Microsoft Developer

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