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3 Ways to Open KES Files

Although many computer files are binary in nature and must be opened by specific software, there are more than one way to open files with the KES extension. Here's your cheat sheet to opening KES and other file extensions quickly and easily.

1. Try Different Software

Don't have the Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 Accessible Documents software package? The good news is that other popular software packages also open files with the KES suffix. If you don't have Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 Accessible Documents, you can also do a Google search to see if there are other free software packages that also open files with the KES extension.


Pro Tip: Consider whether you really want to buy expensive software to open a once-off file, or whether you want to risk possibly installing malware with a free software package.

2. Change KES File Associations

Computers are smart, but can sometimes be easily confused. Your PC may ask you to choose a default program with which you want to open KES file extensions in future. If you don't receive this prompt, you could change your KES file associations via your Control Panel.

3. Download a Universal Software Viewer

Do you frequently receive files like KES that you can't open? Ruling out any possible issues with your computer would be a first step to solving your issues. However, if your computer is working just fine and you simply receive many binary files for which you don't have the appropriate software, you could download a universal software viewer. Save yourself time and trouble by getting File Magic (download).

A universal software viewer saves you the hassle of installing many different software packages on your computer, without the limitation of being unable to view the files. File Magic can open most file types, including those with a KES extension. Download File Magic now and try it for yourself.

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