Help! I Can’t Open DL_ Files!

There are many reasons why your DL_ file might not open on your computer. If you have DL_ files that don’t open when you double-click it, ask yourself the following questions...

Do I have the right program?

If you don’t have a program installed on your computer that’s compatible with DL_ files, you won’t be able to open one. See if you have one of the most common programs associated with DL_ files listed below.

  • The Land Of UM
  • Compressed DLL File

What type of file is it?

When you can’t open DL_ files, try to figure out the file type. This can help you find the right program to open it. Usually, DL_ files are considered Compressed Files. However, you can look up the file type to be sure. Start by right-clicking the file icon and clicking “Properties” (“More Info” if you’re on a Mac). Then look for the file type under “Type of File” (“Kind” on a Mac).

Can a developer help?

When you can’t open DL_ files, a software developer might be able to help. The developers for the programs mentioned above are as follows:

Software Developer
The Land Of UM Microsoft Developer
Compressed DLL File Windows Programmer

Try contacting one of these developers to find out how you can open your DL_ file.

Can I use a universal file viewer?

A universal file viewer is the way to go when you have DL_ files that can’t be opened by any other program. Install a universal file viewer like File Magic (Download) and see if it will open your DL_ file. Remember that if your file is not compatible, the universal file viewer will only open it in binary format.

Download Universal File Viewer (File Magic) 

File Magic