How to Open a Strange DAT File on Your Computer

Have you been trying to open your DAT file on your computer only to run into an error code? There are thousands of software packages on the market, and many of them use proprietary files. When your Windows or Mac PC tells you that it can't open a certain file, you may be at a loss for solutions. But don't worry, because we've got you covered with a solution to this frustrating problem!

Quite simply, what this means is that your computer is having difficulty matching the DAT file type to a program that opens DAT file extensions.

What is the DAT File Extension?

As we mentioned, some programs have proprietary file extensions. You might have seen .doc, .exe, and .pdf at the end of a file name. Those are file extensions that indicate the file type and provide a clue as to which programs might be able to open a file.


Warning: Be sure that you trust the source that gave you the file, as you might be trying to open a file that contains malware. Always run your file through a malware checker before trying to open it.

Windows typically hides file extensions for known file types, which means that you shouldn't see the extension for most files. If you're unfamiliar with the file extension, right-click on it and click on "Properties". The "General" tab will reveal the filename and the extension suffix. You can now Google it to learn more about the file type.

Opening the DAT File

Once you know the type of content the DAT file contains (graphics, media, text), you can add the file extension to the default file associations in the computer's settings and try to open it again. If you don't have the matching software, you will have to download it.

If that still does not work, you may have to contact the developer for more guidance. For example, if you know that you have DAT files, you will be able to Google to find out which software packages use the DAT file extension.

If you have the software on your PC, but you still can't open the file, you should get in touch with the software developer of that file type. The most common DAT-related software includes SeeYou Waypoint, Daqarta Extended Audio Data, and Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format. If it's not included in the developer chart below, a quick web search of those software titles can help you find the contact information of the developer that can help.

Software Developer
SeeYou Waypoint Naviter
Daqarta Extended Audio Data Interstellar Research
Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format Windows Programmer
Propilkki Game Data Procyon Products
Windows Registry Hive Microsoft Corporation
Shareaza Thumbnail Shareaza Development Team
Windows 9x Registry Hive Microsoft Corporation
EasyRecovery Saved Recovery State Kroll Ontrack Inc.
Runtime Software Disk Image Runtime Software
PestPatrol Data/Scan Strings PestPatrol Inc.
Clarion DOS Database SoftVelocity
Oric Atmos Snapshot Microsoft Developer
Guild Wars Data ArenaNet Inc.
Allegro Generic Packfile Data Microsoft Developer
My Personal Programmer Distributed Project M:Pact Technologies
LithTech Game Compiled Level File Touchdown Entertainment Inc.
Walkman NW-S23 MP3 File Storage Container Sony
Chuzzle Saved Game Microsoft Developer
Peachtext List Manager ) Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB Inc.
AVG 6 Integrity Database AVG Technologies
WordPerfect Merge Data Corel Corporation
VMS Data File Windows Software
MapInfo Native Data Format Mapinfo Corporation
Internet Explorer Cache File Microsoft Corporation
Gunlok Archive Microsoft Programmer
Commodore 64 Audio Unknown
Exchange Server Error Message (Microsoft Corporation) WINMAIL.DAT
Digital Audio Tape Unknown
Data Unknown
BLUEWAVE File Microsoft Programmer
Norton Disk Doctor Undo File Symantec Corporation
TomTom Traffic Data TomTom International BV
Inno Setup Uninstall Log Jordan Russell
LabVIEW Binary Datalog National Instruments Corporation
PHASES Free Form Input File Microsoft Programmer
DBISAM Database Table Elevate Software Inc.
Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format Unknown
MS Word for DOS File PC Software Company
Nascar Racing Archive Windows Programmer
VCD and/or SVCD File Microsoft Developer
Unfinished FastTrack Download Microsoft Developer
Terrasoft Dataset Definition File PC Software Company
SPOT Graphic PC Software Company
SHARP MZ-series Emulator RAM-Disk File Microsoft Developer
RDXR020305.DAT is Morpheus Adware Microsoft Developer
Novell Message File Microsoft Developer
UFOCaptureV2 Map SonotaCo
PSpice Numerical Data File Cadence Design Systems Inc.
Nero CD Speed Results File Nero AG
Video CD MPEG or MPEG1 Movie PC Software Company

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