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Our file extension articles are the most comprehensive source of information about computer file types on the Internet. We have a searchable database of over 10,000 different file extension articles, where you can lookup information about your unknown files and learn how to find the correct program to open them.

The data contained in our File Extension Article Library has been collected from many different sources. In addition to extensive in-house research on different file types and their file associations, we've consulted with the file extension developers themselves to verify the accuracy of our data.

Our goal is to make finding and discovering file extensions as enjoyable as possible. If you know file extension name you are trying locate, simple search for it in our search box located on the right column. Conversely, if you're not sure what you're looking for, you can browse our file article directory by file type or starting alphabet letter.

File Central Resources

MIME Types - A list published by Harvard University of the most common MIME types and their corresponding file extensions.

Assigning Windows File Associations - An Indiana University file resource that explains how to associate a file extension type with a software application in Microsoft Windows.

OpenOffice List of File Extensions - Comprehensive list of the most popular Windows file extensions published by The Apache Software Foundation.

Digital File Types for Preservation - Descriptions of file types and extensions used by the Digitization Services Branch at the National Archives and Records Administration (US government).

Wikipedia List of File Extensions - A good source of the most used file extensions from Wikipedia.

File Viewing Tools

WPS Wizard - WPD Wizard is a Microsoft Works file viewer that let's you open all versions of Microsoft Works files.

WPD Wizard - WPD Wizard is a WordPerfect Mac viewer that let's you open all versions of WordPerfect files.

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