4 Easy Ways to Open OGM Files

We’ve all been there. You double-click on a file and it doesn’t open the way it should. It’s a common problem. Many file extensions can be opened by multiple programs, and many programs can open multiple file extensions. If you’re having trouble opening OGM files, here are some ways you might be able to make it work.

Use Another Program

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If you can’t view the OGM file by double-clicking it, try opening it in a different program. Some of the most popular programs for opening OGM files are Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video File, and Origin Matrix File. Check out the developers’ websites, download one or more of these programs, then try to open your OGM file again.

Get a Clue From the File Type

One file extension can be used for multiple types of files. Knowing the type of file you have can help you find out how to open it. Most OGM files are categorized as Video Files, which can be opened by numerous software packages. See if you have a program already installed on your computer that’s designed to open Video Files. Hopefully, this program might also work with your OGM file.


You can find out which type of file your OGM file is by looking at the file’s properties. Just right-click the file icon and select “Properties” or “More Info.” On a Windows computer, the file type will be listed under “Type of File”; on a Mac, it will be under “Kind.”

Contact a Developer

Nobody knows more about file extensions than software developers. If you can’t open your OGM file using any of the usual programs, you can contact the program’s software developer and ask them for help. Find your program’s developer in the list below:

Software Developer
Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video File Windows Programmer
Origin Matrix File OriginLab Corporation

Get a Universal File Viewer

When no other program will open your OGM file, universal file viewers like File Magic (Download) are here to save the day. These programs can open many different types of files, so if none of the above tips work, a universal file viewer is the way to go. Note that some files are not compatible with universal file viewers and can only be opened in binary format.

Download Universal File Viewer (File Magic)